Buying a Shipping Container – One Trip or Ex-Hire?

Caring for your Shipping Container
2nd May 2024
Caring for your Shipping Container
2nd May 2024
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Buying a Shipping Container – One Trip or Ex-Hire?


When deciding on a container for your storage needs, it helps to understand the differences between One Trip and Ex-Hire Containers. Our quick guide below will help you make an informed choice.

Overview of One Trip Containers

One Trip containers are freshly manufactured units that have only made a single international journey –  from the factory (typically in the Far East) to the UK. Despite this initial journey, they are still considered the closest to a brand new container – although they can’t be officially labeled as such due to their single international trip.

Potential Issues with One Trip Containers

While One Trip containers are considered as new in the UK, they may exhibit minor imperfections from their long journey. These can occur when being stacked and moved multiple times around docks and with being loaded and unloaded onto ships. Such imperfections may include:

  • Minor scratches on internal and external surfaces.
  • Small scuffs on the floor caused by the loading and unloading of heavy goods.
  • Small dents on internal and external walls.

Our commitment to quality ensures that any of the minor imperfections listed above are as minimal as possible.

Overview of Ex-Hire Containers

Ex-Hire containers have served within a hire fleet before being offered for sale and are typically 5-9 years old. They are still wind and waterproof,  and suitable for non-perishable products and furnishings. Having endured exposure to the elements for a few more years compared to their One Trip counterparts, Ex-Hire containers may display some more obvious visual imperfections.

Potential Issues with Ex-Hire Containers

Visual imperfections may include:

  • Scuffs on the floor from the movement of heavy goods.
  • Sun-bleached paint.
  • Dents on internal and external surfaces.

All our Ex-Hire containers undergo stringent quality control checks to meet our high standards and to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Interested in purchasing an Ex-Hire or One Trip Container?

Talk to South Coast Containers today about your specific container requirements and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request, and remember – we will not be beaten on price and offer a fast, convenient delivery.  

Call free TODAY on 0800 988 5707 for more information, quoting SCC24 for special offers.

Alternatively, please use the contact form to book an telephone appointment to discuss all your container needs.

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