Caring for your Shipping Container

Planning Permission for Shipping Containers
9th April 2024
Planning Permission for Shipping Containers
9th April 2024
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Caring for your Shipping Container

Taking care of your shipping container is not just a maintenance task; it’s an investment in longevity and optimal functionality. Below, we offer some tips and advice to ensure your container stands the test of time.

Keeping Containers Level: The Foundation of Durability
Ensuring your container sits on a level surface is a fundamental detail to ensure it operates correctly and remains functional and durable for years. The container’s construction demands a flat foundation to prevent stress on its doors, safeguarding against potential damage. Utilising sleepers or levelling pads during the container’s setup not only ensures a stable base, but also mitigates the risk of cargo door misalignment. Uneven ground can cause doors to shift, leading to operational challenges, and structural deformities. Careful consideration to the container’s positioning is an essential measure that pays substantial dividends in sustained quality.

Regular Cleaning: Aesthetic Preservation and Beyond
Beyond mere aesthetics, periodic cleaning of the container’s exterior is essential for preventing damage caused by accumulated dirt and grime. A mixture of water and a mild cleaning solution is the ideal formula, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning process. Employing a soft brush or sponge during the cleaning process not only preserves the container’s visual appeal but also contributes to its structural integrity. It’s a small effort that goes a long way in maintaining the container’s pristine condition.

Inspecting the Floor and Roof: Addressing Structural Integrity
Regularly checking the container’s floor becomes imperative, especially when storing heavy items. Wear and tear over time are natural, and addressing any signs of damage promptly is crucial. Equally important is inspecting the roof, which is constantly exposed to the elements. Detecting and repairing any damage or leaks promptly is paramount for ensuring the container’s structural integrity. This proactive approach to maintenance ensures that your container remains a reliable storage solution.

Treating Locks and Doors: Ensuring Smooth Operation
Shipping container doors can become stiff with time, hampering their smooth operation. Regularly lubricating hinges and locks with a suitable lubricant is a simple yet effective preventive measure. This practice not only ensures the sustained quality of doors and locks but also contributes to the overall usability of the container. It’s a small investment in time that pays off in the container’s ease of use over the long term.

Your Container, Your Investment
Your container is more than just a storage solution; it’s an investment. By adhering to these detailed maintenance tips, you’re not just caring for a container; you’re preserving an essential asset..

Any Problems? Expert Guidance and Solutions
Despite your best efforts, some issues may arise with your container. Our team at South Coast Containers are always ready to offer advice and prompt solutions.

Talk to South Coast Containers today about your specific container requirements and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request, and remember – we will not be beaten on price and offer a fast, convenient delivery.  

Call free TODAY on 0800 988 5707 for more information, quoting SCC24 for special offers.

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